Letters from Eurydice VII

Eurydice closes tonight, so this will be my final entry as a guest blogger for The Rake. Thanks to them for inviting me to do this, and thanks to all of you who took the time to read of these adventures. TTT is well into its second decade, but until now its work has never […]

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Letters from Eurydice VI

We’re into our final two weeks of performances, so rather than give an account of each, I’ll offer thumbnail impressions of some of our performances to date: FEb 14, VOA Women’s Correctional Facility (Opening Day) The VOA is normally a high-energy audience: lots of commentary and back-talk to and about the actors as the show […]

Letters From Eurydice V

Another op’nin, another play In Shakopee or at Dor’thy Day But usually it’s the VOA… Most professional theatres have opening nights. There is glamour, maybe just a faint whiff, but it’s in the air nevertheless: press and theatre cognoscenti are out front along with family, friends and scores of "hope you’re great" or "hope you […]


Sarah Ruhl, Sarah Ruhl, Sarah Ruhl. We’ve been writing up, and seeing, our fill of plays by this hotshot. Still, we’d be fools not to note the occasion of the regional premiere of Eurydice, the play that made Ruhl a certified superstar (thanks to last summer’s extended Off-Broadway run). This production marks Ten Thousand Things’ […]

Letters From Eurydice IV

The differences between the first dress and second dress are three: It’s our second dress rehearsal. We have moved from our cramped basement rehearsal space at the Quaker Meeting House to the spacious, bright, airy, and day-lit upstairs meeting room. We have a small audience of Michelle Hensley (again) and Michelle Woster (TTT Managing Director) […]