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Timberwolves Resign Craig Smith This thoroughly minor signing justifiably barely caused a flutter league-wide in the NBA, but smart Wolves fans have a right to wonder why it happened. The Rhino is an undersized power forward on a ballclub that just drafted an undersized center and traded for a journeyman legit center to pair alongside […]

Extra Extra–Wolves Trade Mayo To Memphis for Love in 8-player Deal

*****Check bottom of text for live blogging updates Last update of McHale-Stack-Hoiberg press conference at 1:45 a.m.**** It’s less than four hours before the start of the NBA Draft and as most regular readers know, I claim no expertise in these matters–life’s too short, and college hoops loses out to my family, music, politics, etc., in […]

The Three Pointer: Bad Loss, Good Loss

Copyright 2008 NBAE (Photo by D. Clarke Evans/NBAE via Getty Images) Game #35, Road Game #18: Minnesota 82, Houston 113 Game #36, Road Game #19: Minnesota 88, San Antonio 105 Season record: 5-31 1. The Emergence of Gomes Let’s begin with the good news. In terms of being a complete, synergistic basketball player working to […]

The Three Pointer: Miami Vice

Game #23, Road Game #12: Minnesota 87, Miami 91 Season record: 3-20 1. Sabotaged At the Two Guard The Miami Heat look terrible. Shaq is shockingly old, his hands lacking grip, his knees unable to help him stop on a dime–he committed two or three fouls (and fouled out) tonight simply bowling people over with […]

The Three Pointer: Blown Opportunity

Road Game #4: Minnesota 93, Denver 99 Season Record 1-9 1. Time To Get Angry Okay, that’s about enough patience, enough leeway for a basketball team that is playing with stupidity as well as incompetence, and showing very little character in the process. During the off-season, Kevin McHale remarked that any team that really plays […]

The Three Pointer: Half Hearted

Home Game #4: Washington 105, Minnesota 89 Home Game #5: Washington 100, Minnesota 82 Season Record: 1-7   1. Swingman Glut Exposes Brewer There are a dozen ways to explain how the Minnesota Timberwolves posted their worst six-quarter stretch of the young season this weekend, a trudge of ineptitude that lasted from the second half […]

The Three Pointer: A Breakthrough W

Home Game #3: Minnesota 108, Sacramento 103 Season Record: 1-5 1. Mea Culpa–For Now I thought Rashad McCants had a horrible game during last Saturday night’s Wolves loss to the Kings in Sacramento, and quite righteously said so. Thought he was a narcissistic gunner who sabotaged the team’s offensive priority of pounding the ball into […]

The Three Pointer: Ingraining Bad Habits

Road Game # 2: Minnesota 93, LA Lakers 107 Road Game # 3: Minnesota 93, Sacramento 100   1. Half Empty The die-hards among us who pledged to ride with the Minnesota Timberwolves throughout the 2007-08 season know that higher levels of tolerance and different parameters of success will be required. Put bluntly, wins and […]

Worship David Beckham for 200 Bucks

I’ve been puzzling all morning over the logistics of this thing, but I think I’ve finally got it figured out. Seems David Beckham is coming to town with his soccer team, the Los Angeles Galaxy to play OUR soccer team, the Minnesota Thunder (what is it with soccer, by the way, aren’t team names are […]