As The World Burns

The Dark Knight is an impossibly good crime drama, populated with memorable characters and constructed with textured ideas about morality and justice and society’s ability to effectively mete it out against the world’s evils. It is an instant classic for comic book fans and is one of the most intensely entertaining films in years. Those […]

In the Woods

It’s often said that you can’t go back, but sometimes it would be wise at least to try. A murder detective with a forgotten past is at the center of Tana French’s tense debut novel In the Woods – a man whose lost memories collide with the present in what should have been an open-and-close […]

I Freak Danced a Stormtrooper

If you happened to read my last article, you’ve probably already pigeonholed me as a sci-fi geek. While that much is true, I’m also an art, music, and Photoshop geek, among other things. I use the term loosely because in my mind a "geek" is someone who obsesses on any given topic with unabashed over-interest […]

Devil in the Details

Even longtime comic book/graphic novel devotees might admit to some fatigue with the apparent overkill of Hollywood translations at the multiplex, but the prodigious visual imagination, droll humor and sincere themes entertainingly weaved together by Guillermo Del Toro in Hellboy II: The Golden Army distinguish it among its peers. Hellboy seems an unpredictable choice for […]


To be honest, I didn’t know who Hunter S. Thompson was until after he killed himself. It was a miserable year in college. Bush had slithered his way into the White House for the second time and winter at Carleton seemed even more bitter than usual. Our anger had given way to numb depression as […]

Sometimes All the Time

Jonah’s throat was sore, lately. It hadn’t bothered him in the last couple days, but Jonah still waited for the pain to resurface, so that whenever he swallowed it would feel like swallowing sand, like it had for the past month or so. This waiting made him impatient, but the painkillers he took somewhat tempered […]

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Star Wars, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Sci-Fi

Growing up, my world was a whirlwind of arts, culture, and strangely enough, Sci-Fi. My Dad was my hero, a man of constant humor, kindness, and creative influence, who also just so happened to be a world-class science fiction and fantasy nerd. One of the first movies I can remember him taking me to as […]

Solstice Film Festival — It's a Killer

Killer Movie, a tongue-in-cheek story of a reality television shoot in a northern border town that goes terrifyingly awry, will open the third annual Solstice Film Festival (June 19-21) at Galtier Plaza in downtown St. Paul. The movie premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival (founded by Robert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal) in New York […]

Bush Money

My friend calls it his "Bush money." When I got my own Bush money—six hundred dollars from the Department of the Treasury—I stared at the words. Economic. Stimulus. Package. I’m not one to buy China-made plasma TVs, but I did want to help the American economy by buying something I wouldn’t have otherwise bought. Something […]

The Man Behind Bigger, Stronger, Faster

Thanks for taking the time to talk to The Rake. I throughly enjoyed the film. How did you get into film, particularly documentary film making? Well, it’s interesting, I didn’t ever want to make a documentary, but my brothers and I had been talking about the whole steroid issue, and I was already a filmmaker […]