There's More Than One Bristol

So, one of my fellow bloggers called my keen political insights "garbage" and asked me to go back to writing about cars. I will gladly fulfill your wish. In fact, how about if I write about both? I will even perfume my words to make sure the wind that passes when I write about politics […]

Sexy Librarian Makes Me Stupid

A few days ago I had an allergic reaction to Obama’s acceptance speech. I have not changed my mind about Obama, but I have also quickly learned the perils of speaking out of my butt too fast–which is essentially the origin of most political commentary offered without the baptism of time and experience. I should […]

Cool as Tool

"The amount of Italian iron in the Twin Cities never ceases to amaze me. I was once again stunned by the annual Wheels Of Italy Show that took place at Lake Calhoun this weekend." August 24, 2007 I wrote that last year about this fantastic show (automotively speaking). This year the show was even bigger–in […]

Roadkill Bikinis

Above: I found a roadkill fashion site. Lovely. My post on the abuse of automotive icons at church camps has turned up the most amazing things. I was informed (by a source who will remain annoymous) that church camps have the strangest of hazing rites (and here you think writing about cars leads to nothing […]

God and Man in Edina.

ABOVE: This is how I prefer to see a Land Rover. Don’t believe that stuff about their ladder frames. Even the bodies break.NOTE: I have been receiving personal e-mails related to my recent Edina Mom post. What I find most enlightening about this gentleman’s well-crafted commentary is that God in Edina, it appears, remains in […]

Edina Mom. Dead or Alive.

Last year, I posted a movie on YouTube. It was a candid short film of a Mom sending her kid off to "camp" at a church in Edina. The Mom was wearing a leather Ferrari jacket while burdening her two cherubic children with care packages the size of a Marshall Plan drop. I found the […]

Strippers. On Sale.

Pictured above: The 2003 EVO RS, the utlimate stripper. And what were you thinking? I’ve been away for awhile. Seems the economy is picking up a bit with the price of gas going down a cent. It’s all senseless to me. What I find equally senseless is the axiomatic ability for certain headlines to pull […]

When Mr. Right Throws a Left

And now for part two of my review on This Sporting Life. Because you play sports like I do, I realize your time is short and you do not favor a Freudian analysis of the film’s finer points. And really, don’t all rush to read this; the first part of my review was so extensively […]

Monkeywrench Movie Review. Part One.

I am a gearhead, or as they say across the pond, a "petrolhead." While this ostensibly disqualifies me from writing a movie review, my British friends think otherwise. Particularly if I am writing about British films. The flim you need to watch is called This Sporting Life from 1964. It is a classic of the […]

Here's to Me, Mrs. Robinson

A few things. 1) I am not a woman. And never will be. 2) Anne Bancroft will remain the hottest baby boomer that ever wore a black bra. (And don’t be fooled by her last name, she was Italian.)  3) I am having an affair.  She is younger than me. She has a beautiful Italian […]