Country, and Republicans, First

It was Day 2 of the Republican National Convention and The Rake was seated proudly in the "minor local media" section. With CityPages at our side, God as our witness and no actual view of the stage, the event was underway. It was quickly apparent that, in solidarity with the folks displaced by Hurricane Gustav, […]

Protest Music for the New Millenium

(Todd Smith already wrote this article) On stage, Steve Earle led the crowd in a sing-a-long of "Steve’s Hammer (for Pete)" – a song that picks up on that parenthetical Pete (Seeger)’s "If I Had a Hammer," from 1949. "I’m gonna say a line, and you’re gonna repeat it back to me," Earle said. "And […]

Get the #Q)*?!#$ Off My Lawn

On the well-manicured lawn that is the Democratic primary, there resides a two large groups of little old men shouting epithets at one another, screaming for "these kids" to get the fuck off their lawn. Sadly, these arthritic individuals aren’t Edina’s most senior residents, as one might expect of these wizened figures glowering at any […]

John McCain Nude – 64 Results

It was on the far right, literally. A tiny block of space someone had purchased to help The Rake live another day. Pay up, and you can paste your sign/add your link/sing your song on my web page/television/telephone/window/door/floor/car/bus/butt/etc… In the ultimate capitalist pervasion of everyday life, this heat-seeking piranha of an ad jumped at me, […]

Pawlenty's Spandex-Clad Aspirations

Every hero needs a sidekick. Tombstone had Hammerhead, Batman had Robin, Thundarr the Barbarian had Princess Ariel and Ookla, and Paris Hilton had everyone. Repeatedly. Now, in the twilight years of his life, John McCain yearns for the same sort of comforting companionship that comes from a bosom buddy who can double as an effective […]


On Wednesday, April 30, 2008, Sen. John McCain jumped the shark. Now, I’ve got a lot of respect for the man. He’s always been something of a straight shooter. And when a man spends time in a POW camp and can’t raise his arms above his shoulders as a result, I’m inclined to cut the […]

Fiscal Lubrication

For those of you lulled into complacency by auspicious recent events such as Britney’s brief flirtation with lucidity, it’s important to note that, not only is the entertainment industry still pumping out fucking loons at a heretofore unheard of pace, but our politicians are providing ample evidence of a world view so profoundly divorced from […]

Pawlenty as McCain's running mate?

Well. Pawlenty is a great governor in the same way that Bush is a great president. Author(s) and Location: Dave Walbridge, WSP Letter Type: Letter