First Place Winner for Most Original Sculpture

1st place winner for most original sculpture:— 2007 Minnesota Celebrity Butter Carving Contest: Every year I participate in a week’s worth of events at the Minnesota State Fair, and granted, the Fair is not until August, BUT I figured this year I should get a jump start honing my skills so I can shoot for […]

Leave me alone… I am trying to sleep

I used to think that when I was up at night and my hubby was snoozing, rubbing his back was a nice thing to do. Guess it’s not only not nice, but it’s annoying. All this time I thought I was being little miss affectionate, but instead… I have been waking up my partner when […]


"We would probably have a better shot of winning the Power ball lottery than having our wives wear this!" This was sent to me by my former boyfriend, who is now my good buddy, Rob Vinton. Yes, he is the son of Bobby Vinton, and we met here on a show about being the Child […]

My name is Melinda Jacobs, and I am a Supermodel—NOT!!

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a model? Instead of boring you with a long story, I will be as brief as I CAN. I have modeled clothes for designers and done that fake (I am too sexy for my shoes) deal: Knollwood Mall in the ’80s. So, it wasn’t Fashion […]

If you don't like this blog then you are a BOOBIE

photo by Jessica Hegland, Hair by Jon Richards. Make up by Leilani Baker, Make up Artist Goddess. Wardrobe from Melly’s Closet of Phases: Dress-BADGLEY MISCHKA-purchased at the DAYTON’S 2day warehouse sale during my lunch break at KSTP TV. Price for me to know and you not! Shoes: don’t have a clue because someone stole them […]

A Shipload of Amusement

In a previous blog I said that I would share with you some pictures from my Mexican Cruise when I receive them. Well, to be honest, I was given them a few weeks ago but was hesitant to share them. After going back and forth with what I should do with this one photo, I […]

Kathie Lee's Return to the Vultures

AP photo by Richard Drew I have been waiting to blog because my topics have changed several times over the last few weeks. After settling into what is now my new place of business (Jacobs’ Trading Company), it dawned on me that before I blog about the self-serving topic of working at the same place […]

When "No" Should Be "Yes"

Anybody see Jersey Boys? If you did, please let me know what you thought. I will pass your feedback along to one of the investors, whom I just happen to know — Mr. M. 🙂 I may be a little biased, but all of the cast in my opinion have been terrific. Here is a […]

I'm Baaaaaaaack…

Well, I am back from my cruise on the Mexican Riveria with my in-laws, and this vacation made my Top 5 for A LOT of reasons: beautiful weather, zip lining, and not one fight. Ok, well, maybe just ONE… I was a little nervous about going on this trip, because I had already decided — […]

What's in a Handbag?

photos by Tom Weiss Well, it’s snowing AGAIN, and I am sure you’ve reached the point where you just want to take a break and be done with winter. I am right there with you. 🙂 So, how about taking a little mini vacation for a few hours and getting together with some good friends […]