What's in a famous last name?

A note to all three of you who read my blog, I always get a knot in my stomach when I hear people talking about people in the public eye like they know them so well. People love to to tell stories about people who come from families that are in the limelight, but […]

Times Are Changing

Well, everybody, there is a lot going on right now. Times are… changing. So, without further ado, here is my blog for the day: I am feeling guilt and sadness as the many writers who have worked so hard are out of their jobs, and yet my gut tells me that Mr. Bartel made a […]

Being Glamorous — I am over it!

Ok, while I sit here in my favorite Karen Neuburger house clothes, it dawned on me that there is no time like the present to talk about why I won’t be attending many social functions anymore. As you may know, I recently turned 40, and along with feeling a little bit older, I feel a […]

Happy Valentine's Day — not just today, but every day!

I for one think that to have one day to tell the people you care about how much you love them is nothing more than an opportunity for stores to raise the price of flowers and chocolates to make up for the 364 other days when we don’t give our loved ones a special something […]

Oh Ee, Oh Ee, Oh

I watched the Grammy Awards last night, but it wasn’t Amy Winehouse nor Kanye West I wanted to see perform. My heart belongs to Morris Day and The Time, whose performance I eagerly awaited. I mean, how much fun was it watching Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, Jerome Benton, Morris Day, Jesse Johnson, and the rest […]

Figure Skaters… I WAS ONE :-(

Since I spent one third of my life at a Figure Skating Rink, wearing skating costumes that were so small underwear was NOT an option… I figure it’s time for me to come clean on what I think of the sport. When I was 15, I discovered that my opportunity to live a normal teenage […]

I Really Did Get Wet and Wild at "Wet and Wild"

Ok… I made a promise to my husband and kids that — although I amknown to get a little out of control — they would never have to worry about me pulling a Britney Spears. Well, I pulled a Britney, but it wasn’t my fault! Here is what happened. My whole life I have […]

Talk Radio for Women

So what do you get when you take a huge risk on launching a female-oriented FM talk radio station back in June of 2002? You get blackjack!!!!!! When Todd Fisher first told me that Hubbard Broadcasting was going to launch a new talk-radio format…. I was elated! Finally, a well-respected family-owned business was going to […]

Let the Good Times Roll

I always become sappy this time of year because of the Holidays, and because I get to catch up and see how my friends are doing through the ART of Holiday Cards.   I just received this Holiday card from Quincy Jones, and it inspired me to reflect on the fun memories I have growing […]

Shopping for Carl Pohlad

Every year I have the same dilemma: What do I get Carl Pohlad for Christmas? Now, many of you may wonder why I need to buy Mr. Pohlad anything. The truth is that I have known Mr. Pohlad my entire life, and he has been more than just a friend of the family and business […]